Server Update

Skill Zealot now 2 hours time.
Skill Frenzy now 2 hours time.
Skill Blood Pact 2 hours time.
Skill Soul Roar 2 hour time.
Skill Furious Soul 2 hour time, do not decrease p def.
Skill Fast Shot 2 hour time + 10% p atk.
Skill Far Cry 2 hours time.
Skill Duelist Spirit 2 hours time.
Skill Thrill Fight 2 hours time, do not decrease run speed.
Skill Angelic Icon 2 hours time, some stats lowered due to high buffs on skill.
Skill Dual Dagger Mastery + 10% p atak.
Skill Rapid Shot 2 hour time + 8% bow atak speed.
Skill Empowering Echo 2hour time + 10% m atak.
Skill Fast Spell Casting + 10% cast speed.
Skill Stones now will drop from Chromatic Highlands and so on, stronger zone, beters chance and amount.
Lineage II Virus
Server Status
Login Server: OFFLINE
Game Server: OFFLINE